N.C. crawfish

Get a taste of summer at your local farmers market

What better way to welcome summer than with a trip to a local farmers market. You’ll find an abundance of summer favorites such as blueberries, corn, squash and tomatoes at markets across the state. In addition, there are plenty of special events going on at the state-operated farmers markets in Asheville, Colfax, Charlotte, Raleigh and […]

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Photos from the Field: Harvesting North Carolina crawfish

Crawfish in North Carolina are raised in ponds such as the one shown above at farms across the state. Crawfish growers stock a pond only once. They drain the pond yearly in the winter when the crawfish live in the ground. Crawfish are particularly suited to warm climates. Though the N.C. crawfish season runs from […]

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Happy ending to a long week: N.C. blueberries and crawfish

As we approach the beginning of summer, farmers markets and roadside stands will begin to fill up with a lot of fresh produce. It’s a great time of year to shop at local farmers markets, and if you’ve never been, you may be surprised by what you find. The five state-operated farmers markets host a […]

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