IMPEC program gives processors flexibility

By the time a piece of meat hits your plate, it has gone through a long journey. From the farm to the processing plant to the grocery store and everything in between, meat production is a complicated process which requires up-to-date infrastructure at every stage. That’s why in April 2021, the North Carolina Department of […]

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Phase 3 of IMPEC grants being offered. A total of $6 million available this round for projects aimed at Increasing Meat Production Efficiency and Capacity.

Summary: Independent meat and seafood processors have until May 14 to apply for Phase 3 of the Increasing Meat Production, Efficiency and Capacity grant program. A total of $6 million is available through the program, and can include value-added projects. Earlier this year, listeners may remember that I gave an update on some of the […]

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IMPEC grant has major impact on meat and seafood processors

In September 2020, Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler announced the creation of the Increasing Meat Production Efficiency and Capacity (IMPEC) grant program, administered by the NCDA&CS. The $20.25 million grant program aims to strengthen the meat supply chain and ensure consumers have adequate sources of protein. A year ago, the average shopper may not have […]

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