Regional Agronomists provide April crop updates

With a long, wet winter and now Easter behind us, field work and land preparation for the 2021 crop is in full swing. With the soils drying out over the past week, many acres have been tilled and/or burndown herbicides have been applied to row crop acres. There are still low-lying and/or poorly drained areas […]

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Photos from the field: Tobacco season in full swing

Across the state, tobacco farmers are in the final stages of moving tobacco plants from the greenhouses to the fields. Following are some photos from the field at Harnett County farmer Ricky Betts’ greenhouses. See more about greenhouse tobacco production at this previous blog post on the Oxford Tobacco Research Station.

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NCDA&CS agronomist Don Nicholson shows viewers step-by-step how to take a good soil sample

Our department’s Agronomic Lab processes more than 350,000 soil samples every year from farmers, weekend gardeners, homeowners and landscape professionals. Clearly, plenty of people are aware of this valuable service which can help you improve your yard, boost yields from your crops and reduce the application of unnecessary soil additives. But when it comes to taking a […]

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