Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler

The value of farmland goes beyond money, study suggests

For several years now, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler has been pushing for the preservation of farmland in North Carolina, saying that its value goes beyond dollars and cents. A study released by UNC-Asheville suggests he’s right. The Farmland Values Project collected, analyzed and communicated the many values that people have for farmland in four Western […]

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A flavorful event

[FieldNotes]N6FUj067IgU[/FieldNotes] The NCDA&CS Marketing Division organizes the Flavors of Carolina food shows each year to help North Carolina food companies connect with buyers for retail chains, restaurants and foodservice companies. The Flavors of Carolina program has been around since 1986, and it has showcased North Carolina companies up and down the East Coast. In the […]

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