Andrea Ashby

Small farming operation is a dream come true

Tom Savage is living his lifelong dream of being a small farmer. At 70, his enthusiasm and joy for this dream realized is readily apparent as he talks about new agritourism ideas and opportunities and plans for the future. Savage and his wife Linda operate Allied...

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Food traditions help define the holidays and spark joyful memories

Sheri Castle has been writing about food and talking about food professionally for 30 years, always with the goal of helping home cooks become more confident and passionate about cooking. She understands the powerful connection between food and holiday memories. “We all know the feeling of getting a whiff of an aroma of a ham […]

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Triangle chef draws from his roots for classic Quiche Lorraine recipe

It seems fitting that Chef Serge Falcoz-Vigne serves up a classic French Quiche Lorraine recipe as a favorite. While quiches can trace their early origins back to Germany, the French are credited with expanding and defining the dish, establishing it as a versatile favorite meal. The hearty and savory Quiche Lorraine is a perfect example, […]

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