Weights and Measure Week March 1-7 celebrates the work that protects consumers.

by | Mar 1, 2024

Summary: The work of the N.C. Department of Agriculture touches the lives of residents of the state every day whether they know that or not. Weights and Measures Week celebrated March 1-7 highlights the work our Standards Division does to protect consumers. They inspect gas pumps, scales used in commerce and other measurement devices to ensure consumers get what they are paying for.


Today’s Topic with Southern Farm Network’s Mike Davis 

  • I like to tell people that the work of the N.C. Department of Agriculture touches the lives of people every day.
  • From the food we eat to the gas we put in our vehicles, from the food served in schools to the four regional farmers markets we operate, you can see examples of the department’s work everywhere.
  • Next week, March 1-7 is National Weights and Measures Week, which celebrates the work of our Standards Division to protect consumers’ pocketbooks.
  • Interestingly, the nation’s second president, John Adams, signed the federal Weights and Measures law on March 2, 1799, which means we are celebrating 224 years since these consumer protections were put into place.
  • They have been around a while, but these laws still serve consumers well.
  • Weights and measures inspectors check the accuracy of gas pumps, the accuracy of scales used in commerce, even the accuracy of taxi meters.
  • Their primary goal is to ensure people get what they are paying for.
  • Whether that is a gallon of gas, the price advertised in a store or items sold by the pound, our inspectors are working across the state inspecting the tools of business – price scanners, scales and gas pumps.
  • With the rising costs of just about everything these days, making sure people get what they pay for is very important.
  • I know I don’t want to pay more for something than I have to, and I suspect other people feel the same.
  • If you are buying gas, look for a sticker on the pump noting the month and year it has been inspected. You will also find the same stickers on commercial scales.
  • Even though we conduct inspections, consumers are encouraged to pay attention to advertised prices and prices at the register or any inaccuracies at a gas pump and report them if they believe they have been wrongly charged.
  • The stickers have the telephone number for consumers to report inaccuracies.
  • I am proud of the work of our Standards inspectors to work on behalf of consumers every day.
  • While you are out this week, I hope you can take a minute to reflect on how many things you buy or are sold by measure. And appreciate the work of our founding fathers in creating the weights and measures act and our state inspectors that enforce these laws.