NCDA&CS Standards Division offers unique career paths

by | Jan 8, 2024

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services works on behalf of the people of North Carolina, but perhaps no division better embodies that mission than the Standards Division, which impacts everyday life in a way few people even know about. Based at the Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center in Raleigh, the Standards division works across the state to make sure consumers are protected.

Have you ever wondered if the produce scales in grocery stores are accurate, ensuring that you pay a fair price? Or if the gas pump is accurately measuring how much fuel it dispenses so that if you pay for 10 gallons of gas, you receive 10 gallons? Or if stores are accurately charging you the prices at the register that you saw on the shelves?

The Standards Division ensures all those things with a wide variety of professional roles to make sure North Carolinians are treated fairly and get their money’s worth. And the best part is that the Standards Division offers employment across the entire state, not just in Raleigh.

Work is underway in the fuel quality lab

Here are some of the most unique jobs available in the NCDA&CS Standards Division:

  • Metrologist – Enter the accredited Metrology Laboratory, where Metrologists perform the calibration of mass, volume, and thermometry standards used by industries, service technicians, and Standards Division inspectors. Metrologists carefully use electric hoists and pallet jacks to manipulate and move mass standards weighing up to a whopping 6,000 pounds, ensuring accuracy and precision.
  • Fuel Quality Inspector – These inspectors, based in the field, sample fuel primarily at gas stations, conducting tests on-site or sending samples to the laboratory for in-depth analysis.. Fuel Quality Inspectors investigate fuel quality complaints and perform standardized laboratory tests and analysis of motor fuels like gasoline, kerosene and diesel. These inspectors are home-based in counties across the state and are supplied with a mobile lab truck to perfor their work.
  • LP-Gas Inspector – Field-based position responsible for safety-based inspections of LP-Gas bulk plants, dispensers, tanks, exchange cabinets and other facilities. Some positions test and calibrate the meters on delivery trucks and dispensers.
  • Fuel Dispenser Inspector – Field-based position that focuses the correct operation and accurate delivery of gas station fuel dispensers. Investigates complaints of incorrect deliveries or other problems.
  • Grain Moisture Meter Inspector – Field-based position that uses live grain standards to test the accuracy of moisture meters found at grain buying locations. An incorrect moisture content impacts the price the grower receives and may affect safe storage. Inspects small capacity scales at these locations.

You can view available jobs at the NCDA&CS here.