The top social media stories of 2023

by | Dec 29, 2023

This past year brought many exciting stories to the world of agriculture that were featured on our social media platforms (ie: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We saw a lot of growth and engagement on our platforms, thanks to people like you who continue to tune in every day and show your support for our state’s number one industry. Check out the top ten posts from this year and stay tuned next year for more agricultural fun! Hint: invite your friends to follow along next year as we will be setting new and exciting goals to reach throughout the year.

#1 McCoy Family Farms Video and Feature Story 

McCoy Family Farms, based in Cove City, works hard every day to bring pasture-raised beef products to their customers. Our marketing division visited the farm and created a video feature that tells their story and more detailed information about the products that they sell. On Facebook, this video reached nearly 89,000 people and had over 500 likes. On Instagram, it had a reach of nearly 4,000 people and over 100 likes. Check out the video below and learn more on their website! We are proud to have them as members of our Got to Be NC program.

#2 Revolution Farms Video and Feature Story 

Revolution Farms in Carthage produces a variety of pasture-raised meats, including turkey, goat, chicken and hog. They pride themselves on being natural, sustainable and using regenerative farming practices. Not only do they provide these products to interested customers throughout the community, but they also work with local chefs to ensure they have access to local meat products in their restaurants. In fact, our marketing division visited the farm with a group of local chefs to learn more about the work done on the farm each day and how the partnership works from farm to table. The video reached nearly 83,000 people on Facebook and had over 460 reactions. On Instagram it reached nearly 3,000 people and had over 60 likes. We are proud of all the work they are doing to further our state’s agriculture industry and influence the eating local initiative.

#3 Beam Family Farms Video and Feature Story 

Beam Family Farms in Lawndale is a Century Family Farm that produces high-quality beef, pork and veal products for people across the state. Their Christian faith is a driving force behind their on-farm practices and they pride themselves on being a local producer that the community can trust. Their products can not only be found on the farm or on their website, but also at the Hickory Farmers Market and the Foothills Farmers Market in downtown Shelby. Our marketing division took the time to meet with the family, learn more about their farm and products, and put together a video that beautifully tells their agricultural story. On Facebook the video reached over 55,000 people and had over 300 likes. On Instagram it reached nearly 6,000 people and had over 120 likes.

#4 Save the date for the 2024 Southern Farm Show 

The Southern Farm Show that takes place each year at the N.C. State Fairgrounds is a much anticipated event for many people. This year it will take place from January 31st through February 2nd and feature over 400 vendors! If you’re looking for new farm equipment, new agriculture partners or simply to hear from N.C. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler at the Ag Forum as he gives his State of Agriculture address, then this is an event you don’t want to miss! Our save the date announcement on Facebook reached nearly 50,000 people and had over 650 reactions! On Instagram it reached nearly 3,000 people and received over 170 likes.

#5 Debate on when to put up the Christmas tree 

People all across the world debate on whether to put the Christmas tree up before or after Thanksgiving. This year, we decided to poll our Facebook and Instagram viewers and settle the debate once and for all. Turns out, people have some pretty strong opinions on the topic! Overall, the majority voted for after Thanksgiving. On Facebook the poll reached over 21,000 people, had over 80 comments and more than 70 likes. On Instagram it reached over 800 people and had nearly 40 likes. Thank you to everyone who contributed an answer!

#6 Featuring the Christmas trees of N.C.: The Carolina Sapphire 

Although the most popular Christmas tree grown in North Carolina is the Fraser Fir, there are a variety of other trees that make beautiful home decor for the holidays, including the Carolina Sapphire. Apparently this tree is a popular pick for families across the state due to the response we received on social media when highlighting this tree variety. The Carolina Sapphire is not only known for its beautiful blue coloring, but also its citrus-like aroma. It also has strong limbs, a dense shape and full branches. On Facebook, the feature reached over 20,000 people and received over 200 likes. On Instagram it reached nearly 1,500 people and had nearly 80 likes.

#7 Social Media Sunday: Apple Brandy Beef 

Every Sunday on our social media pages we gave a shoutout to a member of the agriculture community, including farms, restaurants, Got to Be NC members and other companies. The feature on Apple Brandy Beef, located in North Wilkesboro, was a hit among our viewers! They work hard every day to provide high-quality meat products to their customers, including pork chops, steak and ground beef. The highlight reached over 12,000 people on Facebook and had over 250 likes. On Instagram the post reached over 1,700 people and had nearly 100 likes. We will be continuing this series into next year so stay tuned for more farms and agriculture industry individuals to follow!

#8 North Carolina Oyster Season 

As often stated in our marketing division, “if you want the best it’s Grown, Raised, Caught and Made Got to Be NC products!” Every Tuesday of this year we have featured a product that is grown, raised, caught or made in North Carolina. November is right in the middle of North Carolina Oyster Season, which our Got to Be NC team pointed out in this post reminding people to enjoy locally raised oysters. If you like oysters, look for a farm near you on the Got to Be NC website and get some today! On Facebook this post reached nearly 12,000 people and had over 200 likes. On Instagram it reached nearly 1,500 people and had over 40 likes.

#9 National Pickle Day with Mt. Olive Pickle Company 

Mt. Olive Pickle Company is well-known across our state for producing a variety of pickle products for consumers to enjoy. On November 14th, also known as National Pickle Day, we featured a few of their products and encouraged viewers to try some for themselves to celebrate the day. Whether you like traditional bread and butter pickles or something a little more unique, Mt. Olive has a product made just for you. On Facebook, this post reached over 10,000 people and had over 120 likes. On Instagram, the post reached over 1,200 people and had over 50 likes.

#10 Reminder to keep an eye out for the Spotted Lanternfly 

The Spotted Lanternfly has been all the buzz in the N.C. Forest Service industry and our Plant Industry division due to the damage it can cause to trees. It was first seen in North Carolina in June of 2022 and has been on the radar of individuals across the state ever since. Our Plant Industry division advises people to see it, snap a picture and stomp it, killing off the insect and not allowing it to fester in our state. On our website, there is a page where individuals can submit their photos and tell us where the Spotted Lanternfly was located. From there, our expert teams can go in to ensure there are no nests built up in the area. The report page can be found here and we encourage people to always be on the lookout for this pest in our state! On Facebook, this call to action reached over 9,000 people and had nearly 100 likes. On Instagram, it reached over 1,500 people and received nearly 40 likes.

Other honorable mentions include all of our Escape With NC Ag feature stories, which highlighted agritourism destinations across the state each Thursday, the expansion of the Poultry Education Center and this year’s inductees to the Livestock Hall of Fame. We are proud to have represented our state on social media this year and promote the hard work that was done across the N.C. Agriculture industry. Stay tuned next year for more stories, news and fun on the NCDA&CS social pages and thanks for tuning in with us through 2023!