The impact of Bright Branch Farms is felt across the country

by | Oct 22, 2023

The Farm Family of the Day is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and seeks to recognize and celebrate the state’s rich agricultural heritage and many farm families that are behind the state’s agriculture and agribusiness industry. One family is recognized each day of the Fair, either nominated themselves or by members of their community. Congratulations to the 2023 Farm Families!

We are sad that today is the last day of the 2023 N.C. State Fair, but happy to recognize Bright Branch Farms as our Farm Family of the Day for Sunday, Oct. 22nd! Owned by the Enloe Family, Bright Branch Farms is a fifth-generation apple farm from Hendersonville, NC.

“We have been growing apples for over 100 years. We also grow other fruits such as peaches, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and blackberries we sell at local markets,” Melissa Enloe said.

With so many generations coming before them, the Enloe Family not only aims to produce products of a high standard but also places importance on their farm’s heritage. They continually recognize the bravery, devotion and hard work that the family members before them put into their operation.

For ten years now, Bright Branch Farms has also been making apple cider and supplying it to hard cideries across North Carolina. On top of that, they also operate the apple cider stand at the State Fair which is in the Heritage Village.

As a fifth-generation apple farmer, Trey works to innovate and expand his families’ operations. “We loved coming to the fair when we were NC State students and now having a business at the State Fair that represents our family farm and fresh apple cider has been the greatest privilege to showcase our harvest cider from our farm,” Melissa said.

Along with local markets, Bright Branch Farms also sells most of their apples and cider to a packing house that prepares their harvest to be sold at grocery stores across the United States.

While the impact of this family farm is felt around the country, the Enloe family loves farming because of the impact it has on their children as well as their community members. No matter how much time is spent raising and harvesting quality fruit, their priorities always come back to family.

“We love to live and work on the farm, show our children how things grow and reward you with the harvest, and we really love sharing how things are grown and produced to the state,” Melissa said.

Being able to see the N.C. State Fair from a fairgoer’s point of view as well as a business owner is rare. The Enloe family has longstanding traditions surrounding the Fair, but now that they sell their cider they have even more to look forward to.

“It has been such a long tradition to come to the Fair every fall when we were here at school, we love the food and HUGE Ferris wheel, and we really love to see all the farm exhibits,” Melissa said. “Now that we have a business here, we love to showcase how our farm makes our delicious cider!”

If you’re in the mood for some apple cider on the last day of the 2023 N.C. State Fair, stop and grab some from the Enloe Family! We are honored to have them as the Farm Family of the Day for October 20th, thank you for your commitment to our state’s number one industry!