Hidden Acres Farms raise animals with passion, love and care

by | Oct 20, 2023

The Farm Family of the Day is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and seeks to recognize and celebrate the state’s rich agricultural heritage and many farm families that are behind the state’s agriculture and agribusiness industry. One family is recognized each day of the Fair, either nominated themselves or by members of their community. Congratulations to the 2023 Farm Families!

Give a warm welcome to our Farm Family of the Day for Oct. 20, Hidden Acres Farm! Located in Louisburg, the Welch family specializes in raising grass-fed and finished beef and lamb as well as pastured poultry and forested pork.

Owned by Brandon and Katelyn Welch, Hidden Acres Farm aims to provide animal products raised the way God intended – slowly, humanely and as close to their natural habitat as possible. On top of meat, the farm also offers handmade bath and body products such as soaps, bath salts and shower steamers.

“We are a first-generation farm trying to bring people’s awareness back to their community,” Katelyn Welch said. “We want to raise our kids with an appreciation for good hard work and to know where their food comes from and acknowledge the effort that is made by small farmers everywhere to provide for their community,” Katelyn Welch said.

Many of North Carolina’s farms are passed down through generations. This was not the case for the Welch family. They had a dream and set their mind to it. “We would love to be an inspiration and encouragement to other young families to follow their dreams and know that you can start something, even if you didn’t inherit it,” Katelyn said.

In 2016, the Welches purchased their first two steers. What they first thought were only going to provide better meat for their family and friends turned into a regenerative operation that has expanded after their official founding in 2020.

Seeing the impact that their products have on their consumers, farmers and land is a driving factor in their excitement to continue their farm operations. On top of an online shopping page and pickup meat orders for local customers, Hidden Acres Farm has recently started attending local farmers markets.

“We have loved expanding further into our community to provide wholesome products for the people we love,” Katelyn said.

With such a wide variety of products, Hidden Acres Farm doesn’t slow down. On top of seeing the benefits of their products, the Welch family says they love farming because of the time it allows them to work with each other and be around each other in the fresh air.

Brandon and Katelyn are both from North Carolina and say that they have been attending the N.C. State Fair for their entire lives. Seeing the animals around the fairgrounds has instilled some great memories and a desire for farming.

So, if you happen to be around animals today at the fairgrounds, be on the lookout for Brandon, Katelyn and their children. We are honored to have them as the Farm Family of the Day for October 20th, thank you for your commitment to our state’s number one industry!