It’s N.C. State Fair time and we are planning to help people have their Best.Day.EVER!

by | Oct 4, 2023

Summary: The N.C. State Fair runs Oct. 12-22 and we have been busy preparing and getting the fairgrounds ready to welcome everyone to Raleigh. This year’s theme is Best.Day.EVER! and we want to make that so for fair visitors.

Today’s Topic with Southern Farm Network’s Mike Davis 

  • So last week at the end of our program, you remember you mentioned it was almost State Fair time. Well, that was a perfect set up for this week’s program, Mike.
  • The State Fair is the biggest event we put on every year and it is the largest, brightest and flashiest platform we have to showcase North Carolina’s $103.2 billion agriculture and agribusiness industry.
  • Every year, we plan with the idea of making the Fair even better than the year before. And, that is our goal again this year.
  • I could not be more proud of all the agriculture included each year at the Fair. Livestock shows, fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers grown in the state, dairy exhibits, soil and water and forestry displays, antique farm equipment, working tobacco barns, heritage crafters that use ag products, the Got to Be NC Pavilion with North Carolina food and beverage products to sample, apple cider, Christmas trees, horses, our farm families and the Field of Dreams gardens.
  • I want people to know where their food comes from and that agriculture and agribusiness makes up the state’s leading industry.
  • But I am well aware that it is the mix of offerings that draw people to the Fair every year, and this year we have quite a few new attractions that I think fairgoers will enjoy.
  • Surveys tell us that food is the No. 1 reason people attend the Fair.
  • Well, food lovers will be extra happy because there are over 30 new food offerings this year.
  • That number is pretty impressive since our Fair already has a great reputation for serving up some pretty creative deep-fried delicacies plus offering a range of global cuisines.
  • Every year, fair food vendors try to outdo themselves hoping to connect with fairgoer’s taste buds and this year may top all other years in terms of new foods.
  • The new items run the gamut from sweet to savory and including world-wide flavors from Africa, South America, Hungary, Jamaica, Mexico, the Mediterranean, Korea and New Orleans.
  • I have been sworn to secrecy, but I can say several new dishes involve mac and cheese, BBQ pork, egg rolls, dill pickles, waffles, spiciness and bacon, of course.
  • I would highly suggest that anyone super interested in the new foods check out the State Fair’s social media sites Wednesday morning when the full list of new foods will be revealed!
  • There will also be four new rides this year.
    • The Venetian Carousel – a double decker carousel (Sounds like something Sharon and I might like!)
    • Tesla AC – a thrill ride featuring 6 brightly lit lightning bolts on top (That tells me it is not for me, but maybe some of my grandchildren!)
    • Techno Jump – a spinning ride whose arms go up and down in a synchronized pattern. (That’s another one for the grandkids)
    • Wipeout – a surf themed ride where riders face outward as the ride spins and moves in different directions. (Grandkids, definitely grandkids!)
  • Speaking of family, there are several new entertainers added with kids and families in mind.
    • Melody Farm Follies is an animatronic theater show with music.
    • The Birdman: World Class Bird Shows showcases birds in a free-flight show.
    • Rock-It the Robot returns to interact with fairgoers. He is 9 feet tall and plays music, dances and talks with fairgoers. He’s hard to miss when he is making his rounds because he draws a crowd.
    • Dale Jones, the one-handed juggler, is also returning.
  • Of course, the Fair wouldn’t be the Fair without all the popular competition displays including the giant pumpkins and watermelons, decorated cakes, quilts and needlecraft and even Lego creations.
  • You still have time to buy your tickets in advance to save time and money. You can buy them online at or in person in Raleigh at the State Fairgrounds, the State Farmers Market and the N.C. Museum of History.
  • I hope to see you there Oct. 12-22 in Raleigh.