Our Favorite Holidays Provided by Smith’s Family Fun Farm

by | Oct 21, 2022

The Farm Family of the Day program recognizes 11 farm families – one for every day of the N.C. State Fair – who work hard every day to impact our state’s agriculture industry. Families either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company for sponsoring the program, which will run from Oct. 13-23.

Smith’s Family Fun Farm is a small operation located in Hillsborough. They grow pumpkins and Christmas trees, but they have recently expanded to include a pavilion and a coal-fired pizza oven. Smith’s Family Fun Farm was started in 1947 by Durpee and Mae Smith. In 2012, Durpee and Mae Smith passed away, but their grandchild, Jeff Denson, decided to continue the tradition and provide Christmas trees for the families that come to Smith’s Family Fun Farm every year. Currently, Jeff and Dawn Denson run the farm with their children and grandchildren. They have four daughters, Catlin, Kyndall, Lylah, and Alayna. Jeff Denson hopes that his grandchildren, Nani, Waylon, and Sylvia will be the fourth generation for the farm.

Smith’s Family Fun Farm is expanding in ways that support the growth of their community. In 2023, they hope to start a class for families to come and learn how to make pizza and other food items in a coal-fired pizza oven. Every year, during pumpkin season, Smith’s Family Fun Farm supports local elementary schools with their “Read-a-Thon” event by providing pumpkins to the winners. During Christmas, the farm gives to their local church for missions.

Smith’s Family Fun Farm knows that not every family has the same resources as others. Admission to the farm is completely free, and all they ask is to show their support of the farm through buying pumpkins. The family is dedicated to giving all families an opportunity to experience the farm and create memories, with hopes that it becomes tradition to visit the farm.

Jeff Denton loves farming because, “It all began in the garden with Adam and Eve, and life depends on the garden to sustain life. Farming is a gift from God and has blessed our family in ways that we could have never imagined.”

For Smith’s Family Fun Farm, the N.C. State Fair is a tradition, even though it comes during a busy time in their season. Families, fun, food, and farming are dear to the family, and the N.C. State Fair provides all four in the same place! The N.C. State Fair gives the Smith’s Family Fun Farm the opportunity to step away from the farm and enjoy the variety of things that the fair brings.

If you see the Smith’s Family Fun Farm today on the fairgrounds, be sure to thank them for all their hard work throughout the years as well as their contributions to the community. We are honored to have Smith’s Family Fun Farm as the Farm Family of the Day for October 21st. We look forward to watching them continue to grow and contribute to the agricultural industry as well as their community.