Conservational Beef at Roberts Farm

by | Oct 19, 2022

Roberts Farm, located in Denton, is new to farming. Llyod and Tammy Roberts bought the farm in 2012 and started raising beef cattle in 2014. In March 2020, Roberts Farm opened a small store in Denton to sell their products. Samantha Whitt, her children Jacie and Braylee, Austin Roberts, and Lauren Roberts all help run the store and manage their farm.

With access to clean water, grass and grain daily, Roberts Farm cattle are well cared for. Every four to five days, the cattle are rotated to a new pasture for rotational grazing. At processing, the cattle are 16-20 months old to ensure a tender product. The bulls on Robert’s Farm are meticulously genetically selected to meet the qualifications of certified Angus beef.

Roberts Farm has given their community the opportunity to eat the quality beef that they have raised. The farm has also participated in conservation projects to protect farmland. They are determined to keep their farmland undeveloped to conserve local farmland and production in the area.
Roberts Farm is partnered with local farms and provides their products for sale at local stores to complement the beef products sold. They also participate in the local Farmers Market to gain brand awareness in the community.

“What we love about farming is the reward of seeing a satisfied customer come back in the store and let us know how great the beef was that they ate,” Llyod Roberts continues, “That makes all the hard work and long hours worth it all.”

The N.C. State Fair spreads awareness and information about farming. The Roberts love the N.C. State Fair because people from all over North Carolina, and even across state lines, are exposed to the atmosphere that the fair provides. The opportunities that the N.C. State Fair brings for the community is their favorite part about the fair.

If you see the Roberts Farm family today on the fairgrounds, be sure to thank them for their hard work throughout the years and the contributions they have made to conservation of farmlands. We are honored to have them as the October 19th Farm Family of the Day, and we look forward to watching them grow and contribute to the N.C. agricultural industry!