“Cornspirational” Teens at Juniper Creek Farms

by | Oct 17, 2022

The Farm Family of the Day program recognizes 11 farm families – one for every day of the N.C. State Fair – who work hard every day to impact our state’s agriculture industry. Families either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company for sponsoring the program, which will run from Oct. 13-23.

We are proud to announce Juniper Creek Farm located in Wake County, as the Farm Family of the Day! Juniper Creek Farm is on their fourth generation of farming! Mrs. Adams, or Oma, is the oldest generation living on the farm. David and Tamara Adams oversee their children’s hard work on the farm. Mallory, Avery, and Johnathan – all aged between 12 and 17 – manage raising chickens and selling eggs, growing sunflowers and wildflowers. Of course, Mallory, Avery, and Johnathan can do this on their own from the guidance of their dad, David.

The Farm is special, and not just because of the youth managing the farm! Every two weeks, Mallory, Avery, and Johnathan plant sunflowers to ensure they are blooming June through August. Then, they rent out the fields along with an old farm truck for photography, all while still selling their flowers!
David Adams has his corn growth down to a science, though he does not sell it. Corn harvest days are a family tradition for Juniper Creek Farms NC and their extended family. They pull, shuck, cut, blanch, and package as one big family. Mallory, Avery, and Johnathan created the phrase “cornspirations” to place on the freezer bags that the corn is stored in before it is packaged.

“We would like to be an example to the next generation for creative farming.” Tamara Adams goes on to say, “Our teens are examples of what it will take for the next generation to remain in farming. They have learned social media marketing, written and oral communication with professionals and the public, rotated fields from season to season, planted with the tractor, weeded, set up signage, managed their accounting, and much more.”

Juniper Creek Farms has had family members work at the N.C. State Fair for many years, so attending the fair is in their blood! They love spending the day riding rides and another full day exploring the exhibits and shows. In previous years, the teens entered the youth art and Lego competition and won ribbons! Juniper Creek Farms also loves the learning experience that the fair brings for the agricultural community.

If you see the Juniper Creek Farms family screaming on rides or adventuring through the exhibits and shows of the N.C. State Fair, be sure to congratulate and thank them for their hard work throughout the years. We are honored to have such a unique farm named as the Farm Family of the Day for October 17th and we look forward to watching the farm flourish for years to come.