Rising Stars at Double S Farm

by | Oct 13, 2022

The Farm Family of the Day program recognizes 11 farm families – one for every day of the N.C. State Fair – who work hard every day to impact our state’s agriculture industry. Families either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company for sponsoring the program, which will run from Oct. 13-23.


Double S Farm, the first Farm Family to kick off the annual N.C. State Fair Farm Family of the Day program, is located in the Arcadia area of Davidson County. This self-made, first-generation farm started in 2009 off three acres of corn and one row corn planter. Will and Madison Brinkley, their twenty-month-old son Henry, and PawPaw, currently grow corn, wheat, and soybeans. On some occasions the Double S Farm raises cattle.

Will and Madison Brinkley with their son, Henry

Will Brinkley’s PawPaw is his right-hand man, despite the fact that he is ninety-five years old! PawPaw helps Will on the farm and cheers him on 24/7. The Brinkley’s are hoping to have a second generation by raising their young son, Henry, on the farm. Even though the Arcadia area is a small town in North Carolina, Will has managed to become a TikTok sensation. In the past year, Will has gotten over twenty-five million views for bringing humor into agriculture and farming (@tarheelfarmer).

Madison Brinkley, Will’s wife, has supported him through his busy schedule as a farmer. She says, “Farmers are one of the biggest backbones of America and I am so blessed to be married to one. Sometimes, he will say he is “just a farmer,” but he is not. No one is just a farmer.”

Gay Grubb, who nominated the Double S Farm for the N.C. State Fair Farm Family of the Day program, describes Will as being “down to Earth and hilarious, but takes his farming seriously. He is truly an old soul in a young person’s body and loves everything about the older generations.” Terri Burwell, who also nominated Double S Farm for Farm Family of the Day says, “He [Will] is a prime example of what a true farmer is and remains true to his southern roots.”

The Double S Farm family loves the food that the N.C. State Fair brings, but their favorite thing is the exhibits. They love being able to take a family trip to see all the cattle, crops, crafts, and produce across the fairgrounds. This year will be the family’s first of many years bringing Henry to the N.C. State Fair! Will also loves learning about the different ways that other farms operate as well as the heritage behind it all.

If you see the Brinkley family today on the fairgrounds, be sure to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the years. We are honored to have them as the NC State Fair Farm Family of the Day for October 13th, and we look forward to continuing to watch their impact grow on the agricultural industry for years to come!