County Fair season is in full swing. Events being held across the state August through late October.

by | Aug 2, 2022

County fairs are annual traditions that bring communities together, showcasing local talent and highlighting agriculture in the area. The season hits its peak run August through late October across the state. Look for a list of county agricultural fairs on our website at

Today’s Topic with Southern Farm Network’s Mike Davis


  • People who have been listening to this show for a while know I love an agricultural fair.
  • The department puts on two of the biggest ones in the state – the Mountain State Fair (Sept. 9-18) and the N.C. State Fair (Oct. 13-23).It’s fair to say we are very busy preparing for both of those since the they are fast approaching. (Pun intended!)
  • We are not the only ones getting ready to hold fairs. Twenty-six county agricultural fairs are gearing up across the state even as we speak.
  • The first one coming up is the Surry County Agricultural Fair that runs Aug. 5-14 at Veterans Memorial Park in Mount Airy.
  • Once the Surry County Fair kicks things off, you can find an agricultural fair almost any weekend from now to Oct. 23.
  • I know what it takes to put on a fair and a lot of hard work goes into making it a success. I truly appreciate all the volunteers and staff of these events that help showcase the state’s $92.9 billion agriculture and agribusiness industry.
  • These events allow young people the opportunity to learn about raising livestock and to hone their animal handling skills in the show ring.
  • Newcomers to a community can see the types of agriculture being produced in their county, which hopefully helps foster a better understanding of its importance in their lives.
  • There’s always stiff competition for bragging rights and blue ribbons for the best pies, baked goods and canned goods.
    Fairs also bring neighbors together.
  • And the fun factor of a fair is not lost on me either, since my own grandkids enjoy riding the rides, looking at the exhibits and eating fair food.
  • If you have never been to your local fair, this would be a great year to do that. We will post a list of the county fairs on our website at
  • And, I won’t miss the opportunity to invite listeners to come see us at the Mountain State Fair Sept. 9-18 or the State Fair Oct. 13-23. You can buy advance tickets online now at each fair’s website.