State Veterinarian lifts ban on public poultry sales and shows due to High Path Avian Influenza.

by | Jun 14, 2022

As of June 1, the ban on public poultry sales and shows has been lifted because no new cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza have been found in the state. Poultry owners are encouraged to continue to follow strict biosecurity measures and monitor their flocks since HPAI has affected 35 states.

Today’s Topic June 14, 2022
  • I wanted to be sure poultry owners and show organizers have heard the news that the ban on poultry shows and public sales had been lifted.
  • State Veterinarian Mike Martin lifted the ban after the state‚Äôs last High Path Avian Influenza control area was terminated because no additional cases of this deadly poultry disease have been found in North Carolina.
  • As listeners may recall, we established control areas around farms with positive cases, increased surveillance around those farms and monitored for any additional outbreaks.
  • Lifting of the ban means all exhibitions, farm tours, shows, sales, flea markets, auction markets and swap meets involving poultry and feathered fowl can resume.
  • It does not mean that poultry farms or people with backyard birds should relax their biosecurity measures.
  • This HPAI outbreak has affected 35 states, with the latest positive cases detected in a backyard flock in North Dakota on June 6.
  • National trends do show a decrease of new cases, but as the North Dakota case illustrates, high path avian influenza is still a threat to our domestic poultry.
  • We have also recently seen a positive case in Georgia in a backyard flock what is likely associated with wild birds.
  • Farms and bird owners are encouraged to practice strict biosecurity including keeping flocks away from wild birds whenever possible and monitoring for signs of illness is still encouraged.
  • With warmer temperatures we hope the threat of HPAI is minimized for now.
  • I would like to thank our poultry producers and those in the state that were impacted by the suspension for their cooperation as we worked to keep the poultry industry in North Carolina healthy.