Powers Strawberries: Six generations of community centered agriculture in Lumberton

by | May 20, 2022


The Young Farmer of the Day program is a new addition to the Got To Be N.C. Festival. The program, sponsored by Farm Credit, recognizes three young farmers who work hard everyday to impact our state’s agriculture industry & blaze the trail for a strong future. Individuals either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. One young farmer will be recognized each day of the Got To Be N.C. Festival, taking place May 20-22, 2022 at the N.C. State Fairgrounds!

Powers Strawberries and Farm Market in Lumberton has been a staple in the community for six generations! For over thirty years, the Powers family grew tobacco on the farm until 2011 when they switched gears to focus on other commodities. Although today they are most well-known for their strawberries, the family also produces a variety of row crops and other produce, including sweet potatoes, squash, watermelons, cucumbers, peas and turnips. “We are a family owned produce farm in Robeson county,” said Amy Powers, “and we pride ourselves not only on providing fresh products for the local community, but also on educating them about farming and agriculture through on-farm events throughout the year.”

Amy grew up on the farm helping her parents in the tobacco fields. “As a kid, I never thought that agriculture was something that I wanted to pursue,” she said, “but as I got older, I realized how much the farm really meant to me. In a way, I feel like it chose me.” Today, Amy couldn’t imagine doing anything else because she honestly loves farming alongside her family, friends and loved ones every day. “The best part is planting a seed, taking care of it from start to harvest and then seeing people enjoy it,” Amy said. “Just knowing that our land provides a necessity to our customers, family and future is a huge source of pride and is the ‘why’ behind what we do every day.”

The Powers family is currently working on their sixth generation of family farmers. For over twenty years the family has been growing strawberries, which not only offer a beautiful and delicious product for consumers but also an opportunity for them to visit the farm and learn about the process. The farm has also been producing sweet corn for over forty years, which excites a lot of members of the community each fall, including deer hunters. “It’s not every day that a farm has stayed within the same family for six generations,” Amy said. “Farming literally runs in our DNA. We’ve put a lot of time and sweat into the farm and we want people to know that we not only do this for our own families but for theirs as well.”

In the future, Amy hopes to continue expanding the farm and establishing partnerships that will mutually benefit both the farm and other businesses across the state. “I would love to generate partnerships that lead to contracts with retail companies across the state that will not only expand our offerings on the farm but expand our production as well,” she said. “I would like to continue growing the operation so that one day when I am ready to step out, I have a well-established and widely known farm to pass on to my children.” Join us in thanking Amy Powers for all her hard work on the farm and continuing to blaze the trail for the future of N.C. Agriculture!