Helping to build our future farmers

by | Feb 22, 2022

Meet the North Carolina FFA Alumni Association President, Justin Preddy!

Justin grew up around agriculture but never fully developed a passion for it until high school. “I had a homeroom teacher who taught agriculture and sparked my excitement for the industry,” he said. “I joined FFA as a freshman and changed all my classes to agriculture classes. It was an immediate love for the industry, the work and the people.”

In 2017, Justin had the amazing opportunity to help start a local FFA chapter in Stem and it was during this experience that he met the previous President of the Alumni Association, Kerri Stainback. “He came to me and asked if I wanted to fill in as an interim central region representative and then run once the term was over,” Justin said, “and after filling in as interim for those six months I knew that this was a position that I wanted.” Justin was elected President of the organization in 2021 after serving two years as central region representative, a position he continues to serve to this day.

The North Carolina FFA Alumni Chapters help support FFA teachers and students across the state with various projects. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a former FFA member to be a part of the association, but you can simply have a strong desire to help support the North Carolina FFA to get involved. “We want people across this state to know that they have the opportunity to be a part of this incredible organization and help us create the next generation of agriculture leaders,” Justin said. “FFA offers a unique opportunity for kids to learn about agriculture and how to create a sustainable future, and here at the Alumni Association, we are honored to not only support them but help guide them throughout their school years and into their future career.” Agriculture is a crucial part of our lives, so the FFA has a very important job each year, ensuring that our industry has passionate leaders for years to come.

Although he is also a full-time student and paramedic, Justin spends a lot of time each month involved with the N.C. FFA through council meetings, his position on the FFA Board of Directors and helping with various other projects, including yearly scholarships and grants to various FFA chapter across the state. “This year we have five chapters that will receive a $1,000 grant to help further their agriculture work, education and pursuits through the FFA,” Justin said. “It has grown a lot in the last few years, so we want to do everything we can as alumni to ensure that growth and interest in the organization continues.”

Justin is incredibly passionate about his position as President of the N.C. FFA Alumni Association, not only because it holds a lot of fond memories for him, but also because he has the opportunity each day to directly impact kids across our state. “I enjoy meeting the students involved in FFA, watching them grow, learn and get involved with the FFA and agriculture industry as a whole,” he said. “It is incredibly rewarding to watch them come in as freshmen and see how they evolve through the years. They grow from students who simply have a love for agriculture to leaders that impact our industry for the better.”

Justin is one of the youngest individuals to ever hold the position as President for the N.C. FFA Alumni Association. “It is one of my biggest life accomplishments to date and I am honored to have been elected and trusted to hold this position,” he said. “This organization is very special to me, as are all of the individuals, students and teachers, that are involved.”

When he is not working or studying, Justin can often be found enjoying a fun night out with friends or a quite afternoon fishing. Join us in thanking him for all his hard work to grow the future leaders of our state’s number one industry!