Centuries of tradition fostering love and family legacy

by | Nov 22, 2021

For over 100 years, Bobby Royals’ family has been farming the land in Trinity, North Carolina. A member of our Century Family Farm program, The Barn at Royal Gait continues that family legacy of farming today as well as fosters love across the state in their beautifully restored barn wedding venue.

The Barn at Royal Gait contains nearly 170 acres of farmland today, where the Royal’s continue to raise black angus cattle, Morgan horses and hay. “I grew up on the farm and learned the trade from my father,” Bobby said, “and I always told him I would never be a full-time farmer, but when the time came I knew that I had to carry on the incredible history that we have here on the farm.”

A typical day in Bobby’s life can encompass a variety of things, but always includes feeding the horses and looking after the land he loves. “These horses are my pride and joy,” he said, “so I make sure they are taken care of first thing in the morning.” Once the horses are fed and the stalls are mucked, Bobby takes on anything that needs to be handled that day. From cleaning up the venue to fixing repairs, Bobby never has a dull moment and loves finding peace on the property. “The view from the barn is absolutely gorgeous and it is my place of solace at the end of each day,” he said, “the corn fields, rolling hills and pastures remind me of a simpler time.”

Bobby’s farm manager, Terry, takes care of all the daily operations on the farm side, such as feeding the cattle, mending fences and mowing the grass. “Terry has become a part of our family and I trust him fully to manage that side of the operation,” Bobby said, “he does a fantastic job.”

Although the farm is still fully operational, in 2018, the family decided to utilize and showcase their beautiful barn on-site by turning it into a wedding venue that individuals from all across the state and beyond can love and enjoy. “We did nothing to the barn but paint it white,” Bobby said. “It is a huge source of pride for us not only because of the rich history that it holds, but also because, in contrast to a lot of barns across the state, ours stands tall, beautiful and exactly as it did 100 years ago.”

Weddings are hosted from March through Thanksgiving each year at the barn. Interested couples can contact Bobby and his family through their website to schedule a tour and view the facility. If booked, it is available for wedding photos, a few hours the day before the wedding for rehearsal and all day of the wedding itself. “It is an honor to have couples host their special day here on our farm,” Bobby said, “and it makes the perfect place for pictures if I do say so myself!” Currently the barn is booking for 2022 and 2023, so we suggest getting your request in early if you would like to host your wedding at their facility.

Although keeping the facility and grounds of the farm as immaculate as they deserve can be a challenge, Bobby wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the pride that he experiences by carrying on the family legacy and tradition each day. “This place still provides a place for our family to gather together and simply enjoy being with one another,” he said, “both my daughters help me around the farm and it’s an honor to have them on board and raise them in the same industry that I was born into.” Bobby’s oldest daughter, Taylor, enjoys helping around the event venue and coordinates a lot of weddings and events held at the barn. His youngest daughter, Lindsay, enjoys working alongside her father and helping him maintain the overall look, feel and history of the farm itself.

In the future, Bobby and his family will continue to carry on the legacy and rich history of The Barn at Royal Gait. They hope to expand offerings by adding on a vineyard where visitors can enjoy a local glass of wine while experiencing the beauty and peace of the property. “I will continue operating this farm as long as I can,” Bobby said, “the ultimate hope is to one day retire and allow my girls to take over and continue building what we already have established here.” The family is also working to establish public tours where you and your family can go enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the farm. We are thankful to have them as members of our Century Family Farm program and proud of all the hard work they have done within the agriculture industry over the last 120 years.