New disaster assistance program opens for poultry and livestock, plasticulture and forestry producers who suffered damage from Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Dorian.

by | Jul 13, 2021

Summary: The department received $79.6 million from USDA to assist poultry, livestock and plasticulture producers and woodland owners in 90 counties who suffered losses in 2018-2019 from Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Dorian. The application deadline is Oct. 1. More information is online at

Today’s Topic
  • We recently opened the application period for a $79.6 million block grant from USDA aimed at helping poultry, livestock, plasticulture producers and woodland owners who suffered losses in 2018 and 2019 from Hurricanes Florence, Michael and Dorian.
  • The assistance will only involve losses from these hurricanes that were not covered under other USDA disaster programs. The program will offer direct payments to eligible poultry, livestock and plasticulture producers.
  • The program will offer technical and financial assistance to woodland owners in the emergency-declared counties. In addition, comprehensive forest management plans will be offered to woodland owners in order to assess the storm impacts and identify beneficial management recommendations.
  • The eligibility requirements are significantly different between the agricultural and forestry categories.
  • Woodland owners should contact their local N.C. Forest Service County Ranger’s office for more details on the forestry program.
  • I know a good amount of time has passed since farms experienced these losses, but I would encourage anyone who thinks they may qualify to file an application. I know there are many North Carolinians who can benefit from these programs.
  • Poultry, livestock and plasticulture producers will need a current and completed IRS W9 form ready to scan into the application. Growers are encouraged to research and gather any evidence of damage to poultry/swine structures and any damage to plasticulture operations and greenhouses from these particular storms.
  • You will need to scan those documents into the application for consideration of payment.
  • You can find a link to the application and frequently asked questions on our website at Click on the Ag Disaster Program link on the right side of the website. If poultry, livestock or plasticulture producers have questions, you can also call us at 919-707-3362.
  • Again, woodland owners should contact their local country ranger office.
  • The deadline for applications is Oct. 1, so owners have time to do their homework and collect any needed documents.