NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: Century Farm Program to Celebrate 50th Anniversary (Plus One!)

by | Jun 29, 2021

This year the Century Farm Program will celebrate its “50th anniversary + 1” at the N.C. State Fair. Nearly 2,000 farms are in the program, but the department is looking for others who qualify to join. Century Farms are in all but three North Carolina counties. To be eligible, farms must be in continuous family ownership for 100 years or more.

Today’s Topic with Mike Davis
  • 2020 not only prevented us from having the N.C. State Fair, but also delayed the 50th anniversary of the Century Farm Program.
  • We still celebrated the fortitude and determination of these families who have kept their farms in the family for 100 years or more by highlighting 50 of the families in the program on our social media platforms in 2020.
  • But this year, we are going to have the reunion that we were denied last year, and I am excited to meet members of the families and to honor them and their farming legacies.
  • We have nearly 2,000 Century Farms in the state out of around 52,000 farms. That is a small fraction of the total, but it is quite an accomplishment to keep the land in the family for 100 years or more.
  • As people have moved away from the farm, that land is sometimes sold. It some communities outside bigger cities, the development pressure is intense.
  • I can certainly attest to that. Where I live in Brown Summit, I frequently get offers to buy my land. At the back edge of my property, you can catch glimpses of a subdivision peeking through the tree line.
  • That’s why every four years we hold a reunion at the State Fair of our Century Farm families. It’s important to recognize this achievement and I believe it is important for families to see there are others who are carrying on the farming tradition. It’s a great day with great fellowship, music, a program and food.
  • The reunion will be held Monday Oct. 18 in the Hunt Horse Complex. That’s a new location for us and we will soon be sending out Save the Date cards to Century Farm members.
  • We accept new applications year-round, not just when we are having a reunion, but is a good time to remind people of the program and to encourage them to sign up if their family qualifies.
  • The farm must be in the family continuously for 100 years or more. If you can trace your family’s ownership of the farm back 100 years or more, you will most likely qualify.
  • You need to provide dates of ownership and the previous property owner’s relationship to the current owners to qualify. The application is simple.
  • Once we review the information and approve the application, you will receive a metal sign and a certificate recognizing the farm as a Century Farm.
  • Mike, I know you broadcast all over the state, so I am especially hoping that we get some qualifying applications in from Dare, Graham and Swain counties.
  • Those are the only three counties not represented in the Century Farm Program. I’d love for this milestone year to be THE year that we get to all 100 counties.
  • So, if your farm qualifies or you know someone’s who does, please apply for the program.
  • You can find more information on our website at or by calling our Public Affairs Office at 919-707-3002.
  • I am excited for this year’s reunion and I look forward to seeing our families there in October.