The Gift of Spice: Charlotte-based Flavor Seed offers seasonings for every taste

by | Nov 30, 2020

For Adam Jenkins, the path to launching his Charlotte-based company Flavor Seed began with his Dad’s dream and family recipes that have been passed down for generations.  This dream has led to a company that provides 12 different seasonings that add spice to just about any dish. 

“Our family embraces the organic lifestyle,” Jenkins said. “I chose to take the extra steps needed to have our seasonings also be certified organic, certified kosher, vegan and gluten-free. I like to think of our seasonings reflecting how things used to be made, with all-natural ingredients. Our recipes come from seasonings my dad used to make for us to use on camping trips and for family meals. As we have grown the company, we continue to add more seasonings.”

Flavor Seed’s collection includes seasonings such as Anything with Wings Poultry Rub, Rock Yo’ Taco seasoning mix,
Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em barbecue and ribs dry rub and Tidewater, a seafood and low country boil seasoning.

The spices are found online at, at many retail locations, including the local shelf at Harris Teeter and most recently, online at Amazon.

“The process to become a company that sells on Amazon is relatively easy,” Jenkins said, “but being a company that sells successfully on Amazon requires work.

“It helps to have a professional product, a trademark and scalability. We had about a nine-month learning curve when it came to figuring out visibility and searchability. But ultimately, selling on Amazon has been worth it.

The early part of 2020 saw sales growing steadily if not slowly on Amazon for Flavor Seed. The pandemic helped increase those sales and the company is still seeing growth. Jenkins would set up displays at grocery stores and other retail locations to sample and talk about the his products. The pandemic eliminated this sales method. It was during this time that Amazon sales began to steadily increase, making Amazon another profitable way for Jenkins to reach customers. Check out the list of spices available on Amazon, many seasonings are available with Prime shipping.  

For the holiday shopping season, Flavor Seed is also offering a variety of gift baskets for every type of cook on your list. These gifts are perfect for the gluten-free family member, the dad who grills or as a gift for yourself to help with the holiday cooking. Through Dec. 12, gift baskets are 10 percent off. Sets range in price from $19 to $50, or you can customize your own basket. Prepackaged gift sets include Organic Variety, Tailgater, Way Down South and Smoker.

Jenkin’s credits the support of his wife and sons with the success of Flavor Seed. “We hope to continue to grow and provide even more families an easy way to create delicious meals for their own family.” He would also like to leave the company as a legacy to his kids one day. Cementing the legacy that began with a dream of his own dad.