NCDA&CS recognizes Food Distribution warehouses for relief efforts

by | Jun 11, 2019

Food Distribution’s Butner and Salisbury Warehouse staff

NCDA&CS is recognizing the Food Distribution division’s Butner and Salisbury warehouse staff for their extraordinary work as a team in this busy season.

This was a great year for the team but both warehouse staff have been working extremely hard with disaster relief with Hurricane Matthew and Florence.

In addition to these duties, both of these teams helped to pull tankers to fight wild fires. It has truly been a team effort from everyone.

NCDA&CS recognized this team of 33 employees who have worked through Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Florence and the North Carolina wildfires for over 700 hours and have driven 21,995 miles for disaster assistance.

Through difficult times, this team provided a high level of service and stepped up to provide support outside of their normal jobs. Because of the commitment of these team members, they were able to manage a very high volume of responsibilities to meet high personal and professional expectations.

“Last year, when I was in Wilmington following Hurricane Florence, I heard nothing but praise for your support,” said Commissioner Troxler. “You helped get much needed food supplies to volunteers such as N.C. Baptists on Mission to keep their kitchens operational for those in need.”

In addition to disaster relief, the warehouse staff works to deliver food to schools, food banks and soup kitchens to feed those that might need help.

They also pick up fresh produce from local farms and deliver the produce to schools as a part of the Farm to School program.

The staff members are:

  • Edward Pryor
  • Jeff Watkins
  • Chris Gresham
  • Vic Oakley
  • Scott Daniel
  • Doug Manning
  • Kris Cabiness
  • Donald Milton
  • Todd O’Briant
  • Kirk Smitherman
  • Robert Brame
  • Robert Dean
  • Henry Horn
  • Jacob Moore
  • Jerry L. Boyd
  • Mike Dean
  • Dana Cash
  • John Elliott
  • Rusty Foushee
  • Brian Watkins
  • Rodney Atwell
  • Jerry Boyd
  • James Crosby
  • Bill Waddell
  • Colon Harris
  • Sam Lemmond
  • Bobby Roberson
  • Rodger Edgell
  • Brandon Davidson
  • Alphonso Sloan
  • Rhonda Cleary
  • Joe McKinney
  • Kevin Faggart