Backyard Blog Tips: Moss problems

by | Apr 10, 2019

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Moss problems in lawn and garden areas
The occurrence of moss in lawns and soils can be very common problem, especially in times with continuous rainfall that leads to extremely wet soils. Moss usually thrives in areas where plants do not grow well.

Conditions that lead to moss growth include low soil pH, low nutrient levels, wet soil conditions, poor drainage and excessive shade. A single factor or a combination of factors may be involved.

Testing your soil to correct the soil pH and soil nutrient levels if needed and improving the drainage conditions will help to control moss growth. If shade is involved or suspected, pruning if possible to allow more sunlight into an area may also help.

Testing your soil is free from April through November, when turnaround time is typically two to four weeks. Here is a video on how to take a soil sample.