NCDA&CS employees honored with Team Excellence award for outstanding work through hurricane relief

by | Mar 26, 2019

Mass Mortality Team
Mass Mortality Team

When Hurricane Florence hit, the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services had a team of employees that came together from various divisions.

This group was made into the Mass Mortality Team, which would be responsible for providing leadership and support for the composting and disposal of 4.2 million poultry killed by Hurricane Florence.

The team’s goal was to mitigate the potential for environmental and public health issues associated with mass mortality in the aftermath of the storm.
The team organized contractors into an efficient workforce by providing leadership, direction and support throughout the recovery.

The Mass Mortality Team oversaw the successful completion of over 50 farms and the delivery of 135,000 cubic yards of carbon, in just over a month.

“This group has exceeded expectations to provide safe recovery efforts as well as a strong will to overcome a state-wide natural disaster while maintaining the turnaround time and quality of service,” said John Howard, director of the Emergency Programs division of NCDA&CS.

The team was recognized as they exemplified determination and positivity in a difficult and stressful time.

The staff members that were a part of the Mass Mortality Team are:

  • Anita MacMullen
  • Joe Hudyncia
  • Michael Mayes
  • Scott Rackley
  • Dr. Jim Kittrell
  • Sylvia Johnson
  • Cody Grasty
  • Travis Shidal
  • Corey Hoilman
  • David Lafon
  • Kevin Carpenter

The Mass Mortality Team was awarded the Team Award for their outstanding dedication and work.