National Milk Day

by | Jan 11, 2019

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Cattle

For all the dairy cow lovers out there, we’re here to tell you about the day for you – National Milk Day!

North Carolina is home to 45 dairy farms and ranks 28th in the nation for milk production with 986 million pounds of milk. Iredell, Randolph and Lincoln counties are the leading producers of milk and have the most dairies in North Carolina.

With milk being produced at so many local farms across the state, we thought we would highlight a couple of farms and exactly what they do.

Maple View Farm is located in Orange County and is one of the 45 milk producers in the state. This farm produces their own crops for their cows to eat. From hay to silage to corn, Maple View Farm ensures that their cows are receiving the most nutrients possible.

Maple View Farm has been in business since 1922 in Maine. In 1963, the farm was relocated to the Triangle area where it has continued its business in milk production, providing the freshest milk possible. In addition to milk, the farm also makes its own whipping cream, butter, eggnog and seasonal ice cream.

Another local farm is Simple Natural Creamery in Greene County. This family-owned farm raises Jersey cows, which produces milk with high nutritional value and butterfat. The cows on the Simple Natural Creamery farm also eat all natural and live in an environment that allows them to graze in a pasture. Simple Natural Creamery produces milk, ice cream and butter. You can find its products in most grocery stores in Eastern North Carolina.

With milk being such an incredibly important commodity across the nation and in our state, it’s important to know where you can support your local farms. There are many local farms that operate in a similar manner and have products you can find at some grocery stores or farmers markets.

We always encourage buying local and supporting farmers and agribusiness. You can find local products at your neighborhood farmers market, grocery store or street market. Maple View Farm and Simple Natural Creamery products can be found at the following stores throughout the state: Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods, Kroger, Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, Mae’s Farm at the N.C. Farmers Market in Raleigh and Maple View Country Store.