List your businesses, products and services on the Southeast Urban Wood Exchange

by | Jul 21, 2017

The Southeast Wood Exchange is a free online directory that connects tree care professionals, sawyers and woodworkers to create or grow local urban wood networks.

The N.C. Forest Service is working with the Southeast Urban Wood Exchange to encourage businesses with a stake in the urban wood movement to quickly and easily list their products and services for free. Product listings include cut logs, milled lumber and firewood/chips. Service listings include arborists, sawyers, kiln operators and lumber sellers. The site includes a searchable database that helps users find products and services in their state.

The exchange helps to facilitate the highest and best possible use of community trees at the end of their service. These trees are felled due to old age, insect infestation, storm damage, utility excavation or other circumstances. They are never meant to be removed, however, solely for their wood value.

“Our goal is to encourage utilization of urban wood on the local level including producing sustainable lumber for use in municipal projects and by professional and hobbyist woodworkers,” said Nancy Stairs, urban forestry program coordinator with the N.C. Forest Service. “By treating removed urban trees as a resource, the costs associated with the removal and disposal of trees are reduced and the amount of urban wood in the waste stream is minimized.”

The Urban Wood Exchange is hosted by the N.C. Urban Forest Council, in partnership with the N.C. Forest Service’s Urban & Community Forestry Program, and funded through the U.S. Forest Service Southern Region 8. The exchange serves 13 states extending from Florida to Texas on the south and Virginia to Oklahoma on the north.

The N.C. Forest Service recognizes the value to communities and individuals of having a one-stop shop where they can find the products and services they need and want. However, our promotion and support of the website is not an endorsement of any of the products and services listed on the Urban Wood Exchange.