N.C. sweet potatoes hit the road in Germany

by | Aug 3, 2016

The N.C. Sweet Potato Food Truck toured Germany in July.

The N.C. Sweet Potato Food Truck toured Germany in July.

The department’s International Marketing section partnered with the N.C. SweetPotato Commission in July to sponsor a food truck introducing N.C. sweet potatoes and sweet potato recipes in Germany.

The food truck traveled across Germany, stopping at festivals in Augsburg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund and Cologne. A member of the food truck team reports sweet potato fries were especially popular with consumers. In Stuttgart, the demand was so great that the food truck attracted a long line for nearly three hours.

The goal of the program is to introduce sweet potatoes to general consumers abroad in order to increase demand for North Carolina-grown sweet potatoes. Germany is one of several European markets where sweet potatoes have found success overseas. The department’s international marketing staff is also working on outreach in the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia.

North Carolina is the nation’s leader in sweet potato production, growing more than half of all U.S. sweet potatoes.

You can read a recap of the food truck tour and view more photos on the food truck’s Facebook page.