Food Business Almanac: Hemisphere Beverages

by | Jun 16, 2015

NCDA&CS food business specialist Annette Dunlap offers resources that agribusiness owners and food entrepreneurs can use to grow and manage their business. Annette is available for free one-on-one consultations and can assist business owners with financial and market planning through the agribusiness development section. She can be reached at

In the video above, Annette sits down to talk with Kehinde Olajide, owner of Hemisphere Beverages. The Durham-based company has been making ZOBO, a traditional African drink derived from theĀ hibiscus sabdariffa plant, since 2009.

Kehinde shares how he decided to market ZOBO as he was preparing to launch an online marketplace for ethnic food. Annette also asks Kehinde about his decision to pitch his product to Sam’s Club, and how its road shows have helped drive demand for ZOBO.

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