Meet agriculture’s newest mascots

by | Sep 26, 2013

Commissioner Troxler and a parade of colorful fruit and vegetable characters were quite the sight on the Capitol grounds earlier this week. A few heads were turned as apple, peach, corn, strawberry, watermelon, potato and blueberry made their way from the agriculture building to the Capitol to take a few photos to be used in promotional materials for the N.C. Farm to School program.

These costumes will be used to promote North Carolina-grown commodities during parades, field days and other events across the state.  Look for the characters to also make an appearance at the opening ceremony of this year’s N.C. State Fair.

Later this year, the department’s Farm to School program will hold naming contests for many of the characters.  “Many people are already familiar with Suzy Strawberry and Walter E. Melon,” said Heather Barnes, marketing specialist with the Farm to School Program. “We hope we’ll get some fun and creative names for the other commodities.”

The N.C. Farm to School program received a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation to purchase the costumes.