Troxler recognizes outstanding department employees

by | Feb 26, 2013

Three employees received Employee of the Month awards during a recent presentation in Raleigh. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler recognized the employees for their outstanding dedication to the department.

Pamela Hammond receives the January 2013 Employee of the Month award from Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler.

Pamela Hammond, an office manager with the N.C. Forest Service, was recognized as the January 2013 Employee of the Month. In her role, Hammond provides administrative assistance to district foresters in all program areas. In nominating her, her supervisor wrote:

Pam performs all of her job functions with a helpful and positive attitude. She demonstrates amazing initiative on a daily basis. Her spirit and attitude towards her job permeates the entire district office and makes it a better place to work while providing the citizens of North Carolina outstanding customer service with integrity.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler presents Darlene Carpenter with the December 2012 Employee of the Month award.

Darlene Carpenter, a processing agent with the Agronomic Services Division, was named the December 2012 Employee of the Month. Carpenter has been employed by the division for nearly 30 years. Commissioner Troxler recognized her for going above and beyond her job description, particularly with the development of the functionality of the new Agronomic Laboratory Information Management System used by the division.

Dr. Weimin Ye is recognized by Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler as the November 2012 Employee of the Month.

Dr. Weimin Ye was recognized as the November 2012 Employee of the Month. Ye is the section chief for the nematode lab in the Agronomic Services Division. In this capacity, he is responsible for overseeing the largest nematode testing lab in the country. Following is an excerpt from his nomination letter:

Dr. Ye deserves credit for motivating his staff, raising the bar technologically, and dramatically increasing lab productivity. With no increase in personnel, he is offering a greater number of services, providing more detailed information, and doing it all much more quickly. Dr. Ye’s work ethic has been a catalyst for this change. He is organized, takes his work seriously, arrives at the office well before 8:00 and rarely takes a break. He has a very approachable personality and, at all times, is willing to answer questions and provide support.