Forestry Files joins ‘In the Field’

by | Jan 9, 2013

The Forest Health Branch of the N.C. Forest Service is excited to join the In the Field blog as a new category called Forestry Files. Our frequent posts will feature rising issues to North Carolina’s forests, seasonal topics, forest pests for which to keep an eye out, and may also include posts from other branches within the Forest Service.

The Forest Health Branch specializes in biotic (insects, disease) and abiotic (storms, drought, etc.) stress factors on forest trees.

Why is this so important? North Carolina has more than 18 million acres of forest land in the state, and insects and diseases claim more timber each year than any other forest threat. It is critical that we are able to recognize and lessen its damage so that we conserve the state’s recreational sites, timber sources, wildlife resources and the many other benefits our forests have to offer.

We accomplish this by providing assistance to Forest Service county rangers, providing diagnostic and control support, maintaining connections with other agencies and universities and through frequent ground and aerial surveys.

So, branch out and stay tuned to upcoming posts!