In the Kitchen with Brian and Lisa: Grilled Vegetables

by | Jul 12, 2012

WRAL reporter Brian Shrader and our own Lisa Prince feature seasonal recipes in their Got to Be Good Cookin’ segment using ingredients grown and available right here in North Carolina.

Of all the simple dishes in our In the Kitchen segment, this one is by far the easiest to make. Brian and Lisa whip up some grilled vegetables using fresh N.C. squash, zucchini and onions. These will make great sides at your next cookout. Just add a little butter and spices, wrap them in foil and place them on the grill next to your hamburgers or steaks.

You can find ingredients for this recipe at farmers markets and roadside stands across the state. To find a location near you, go to We want to hear from you. What’s your favorite N.C. vegetable to grill? Let us know in the comment section below.