In the Kitchen with Brian and Lisa: Thai Peanut Salad

by | Jul 5, 2012

WRAL reporter Brian Shrader and our own Lisa Prince feature seasonal recipes in their Got to Be Good Cookin’ segment using ingredients grown and available right here in North Carolina.

Take a break from the heat and cool off with this recipe for Thai Peanut Salad. The salad is a mix of lettuce, spinach, cherry tomato, red onion, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, roasted peanut, tofu and edemame. The homemade dressing pairs nicely with the peanut salad, but can be used anytime for a quick and delicious tossed salad.

Priti Amin of Raleigh won the blue ribbon for this recipe in the N.C. Peanut Growers Association’s Pea-nutty Vegetarian Recipe Contest at the 2011 N.C. State Fair. This year, the association has chosen a tailgating theme for the contest. You can find more information about it and other special cooking contests at