Troxler bestows two Employee of the Month awards

by | Jun 27, 2012

Earlier this week, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler recognized two dedicated employees with Employee of the Month awards during a meeting held in Raleigh.

Adam Kracht receives the April 2012 NCDA&CS Employee of the Month award.

Adam Kracht, information technology specialist, was selected as the April 2012 Employee of the Month. Kracht is responsible for the development, enhancement and maintenance of the license system, tonnage system and Commodities Assessment Program. He is the primary support for the version control program used for the department. He also is responsible for designing and assuring the IT applications infrastructure for the department. Through his work, Kracht has helped the department embrace new technologies to better serve the residents of North Carolina.

Dudley Baggett receives the May 2012 NCDA&CS Employee of the Month award.

The other honoree was Dudley Baggett, landscape manager for the N.C. State Fair. Baggett was recognized as the May 2012 Employee of the Month. He is responsible for ensuring the N.C. State Fairgrounds are properly groomed and landscaped. In addition to lawn, tree and shrubbery maintenance, Baggett plans new landscape plantings and designs. Maintenance alone is a tremendous challenge with the wear and tear resulting from a million visitors in October and another 2 million the remainder of the year. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of Baggett preparing for the 2009 State Fair on the Deep Fried blog.