Chugging for Charity

by | Jun 12, 2012

Today was Livestock Lobby Day at the General Assembly, which means it was also the annual Legislative Milk-Chugging Contest.

Armed with just straws and half-pints of milk, the competition pitted members of the N.C. Senate and members of the N.C. House against one another. With bragging rights and a donation for the charity of their choice at stake, the competitors took everything pretty seriously. Well, as seriously as they could for a milk-chugging competition.

The goal was to consume three pints of milk per team in half-pint increments using a straw. The House team, “The House All Stars,” was made up of Rep. William Brisson, Rep. Efton Sager and Rep. James Langdon.  Sen. Brent Jackson, Sen. Andrew Brock and Sen. Bob Atwater represented the Senate as the “Super Sippers.”

In the Super Sippers were victorious, drinking their milk in only 1 minute 39 seconds. For their efforts, a $200 donation was made to the Senate FFA Foundation, and a $100 donation was made to the House 4-H Foundation for that team’s second-place finish.

The fun wasn’t limited to the milk-chugging contest, though.  The N.C. Dairy Industry Promotion Committee, with the support of the N.C. Farm Bureau, the N.C. Department of Agriculture and consumer Services, the Cooperative Council of North Carolina, N.C. Pork Council, the N.C. Cattlemen’s Association and the N.C. State Grange, provided bacon and sausage biscuits at breakfast, steak sandwiches at lunch and ice cream after the competition.

Rep. Efton Sager taking part in the Legislative Milk-Chugging Contest