Agronomic Lab will be featured on UNC-TV’s Growing a Greener World

by | Mar 14, 2012

Dr. David Hardy, center, explains the soil testing process during a filming of Growing a Greener World at the NCDACS Agronomic Lab.

A film crew from “Growing a Greener World,” a show about eco-friendly living, was on location this morning at our Agronomonic Lab to record footage of the soil testing process for an upcoming episode. During the shoot, Dr. David Hardy, soil testing section chief, walked host Joe Lamp’l  and his crew through the process from receiving to analysis.

The soil testing lab was abuzz with activity this morning and continues to process about 2,400 soil samples a day. Dr. Hardy explained that November through April is the busy season for the lab as farmers prepare their fields for the new planting season.

In addition to soil testing, the Agronomic Services Division provides nematode tests, irrigation water sample and other nutrient analysis for farmers and homeowners across the state. Regional agronomists also help farmers and homeowners interpret the results from their tests and make recommendations to improve production and preserve the state’s natural resources.

Footage from today’s shoot will premiere in the upcoming season of “Growing a Greener World” this July on UNC-TV. You can watch current episodes of the show Saturdays on UNC-TV. For more information on collecting your own soil sample, check out this video from August.