Commissioner Troxler presents three NCDA&CS Employee of the Month awards

by | Feb 8, 2012

During a recent meeting in Raleigh, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler presented Employee of the Month awards to Jason Pleasant, Laura Stover and Steven Parrish. We’ve included photos from the awards presentation, as well as a quote from each employee’s nomination letter below. Congratulations to all the winners!

Jason Pleasant, Agronomic Division
October 2011

Jason Pleasant was the NCDA&CS Employee of the Month for Oct. 2011.

“Customer service, employee relations and quality work have never been better in the receiving area of the Agronomic Division and that is due to one young man’s outstanding contributions and attitude: Jason Pleasant. Jason is to the Agronomic Division as Radar was to the MASH 4077 Unit. He has the uncanny ability to know what you want or what is expected before it even happens!”

Laura Stover, Structural Pest Control & Pesticides Division
November 2011

Laura Stover was the NCDA&CS Employee of the Month for Nov. 2011.

“She has a unique ability to ask the right questions and grasp the full scope of a project ensuring that the consumer has the most current information, and she assures that complex technical information is presented in a user-friendly and easily understood format. She understands that the division has a key responsibility for compliance with a host of state and federal statutes and rules, yet, she constantly finds innovative methods and practices to assure that our clients are not overwhelmed with the vast information we are required by law to provide to those who rely upon our programs and services. The result of Laura’s efforts is measured in terms of satisfied consumers who appreciate our services despite the regulatory and enforcement nature of our work.”

Steven Parrish, N.C. Forest Service
December 2011

Steven Parrish was the NCDA&CS Employee of the Month for Dec. 2011.

“What is most impressive about Steven is his commitment to his job, his fellow employees and our customers. Many times he has stayed well into the night repairing or making something that had to be used the next day. He has never turned down a request that was made, nor hasn’t been able to solve a problem. It is because of his efforts that we rarely if ever do not have what we need ready to run when we need it. Furthermore, he has the skills to operate not only what he builds, but everything that we use.”