Ag Voices: Daniel Alvey

by | Dec 15, 2011

A few weeks ago, we checked in with the three N.C. State University students participating in our Ag Voices series as they finished up the first semester of their sophomore year. This week, we’ll post updates from Matt Currin, Alycia McLamb and Daniel Alvey as they complete their final exams.

Most universities require students to take a set of entry-level courses in order to receive their diploma. Some students may view these courses, such as English 101, as a waste of time. This semester, Daniel Alvey used his required English course as an opportunity to use his passion for agriculture.

The course consisted of four writing assignments structured around a research topic of the student’s choosing. Daniel decided to study the difference between organic and conventional farming techniques. During the semester, he worked with the agriculture faculty at N.C. State University and NCDA&CS marketing specialist Heather Barnes to understand the use of each farming method in North Carolina. At the end of the semester, Daniel was able to present his findings to the rest of the class.

“I was very lucky to be placed in there because I had the chance to tell people about agriculture.” Daniel said. “It’s my passion.”

In addition to the English course, Daniel says he also enjoyed taking Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler’s seminar course this semester. The course, now in its second year, covered several current topics in agriculture and also gave students the opportunity to meet state legislators. You can hear more about Daniel’s semester and his advice for time management in the video below.

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