Ag Voices: Matt Currin

by | Dec 13, 2011

A few weeks ago, we checked in with the three N.C. State University students participating in our Ag Voices series as they finished up the first semester of their sophomore year. This week, we’ll post updates from Matt Currin, Alycia McLamb and Daniel Alvey as they complete their final exams.

Some students learn about business from textbooks, but Matt Currin is learning how to manage a business from the ground up. During high school, Matt started a greenhouse as part of his Supervised Agricultural Experience for FFA. Now a sophomore at N.C. State University, he has continued to build his business a little more each year.

The last time we reached out to Matt, he had just planted more than 6,000 pansies for the first time. The pansies flowered late, but Matt was able to sell several plants before the end of the season. He said he was pleased he was able to get them to flower and learned a lot through the process. In February, Matt will start planting spring flowers and plants. He’s also in the process of partnering with local landscapers to secure additional sales and grow his operation even more.

Matt also is a full-time student. Check out the video below to learn more about one of Matt’s favorite classes this semester, what he plans to take next semester and his current thoughts on a career in agriculture.

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