Karen Patterson named September employee of the month

by | Dec 1, 2011

Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler presents the September 2011 NCDA&CS Employee of the Month award to Karen Patterson.

Karen Patterson, an administrative officer with N.C. Forest Service, was named employee of the month for September 2011. Patterson was recognized for her accomplishment during a special presentation this week. She became the first employee of the month from the N.C. Forest Service since the division became a part of the department in July.

Patterson was nominated for the award for her excellence in customer service and obvious sense of duty. The following is an excerpt from her recommendation letter:

One of the most impressive things about Karen is her ability to balance a tremendous number of state-wide responsibilities while giving each person she encounters her full, undivided attention.  Karen is the Incident Business Advisor for the N.C. Forest Service and is responsible for ensuring that our incident (fire, hurricane, etc.) business practices are accurate and well-documented.  During the Pains Bay Fire, Karen spent two weeks providing on-the-scene incident business guidance to our Incident Management teams and continued to do so upon return to her home unit here in Raleigh.  Karen has continued to provide incident business guidance to field units and thirteen state-level incidents this calendar year.  During this same period and beyond, the state was hit with numerous tornadoes and a hurricane, which also required Karen’s incident business expertise.