Ag Voices: Sitting behind the President

by | Sep 15, 2011

Thousands of people packed into Reynolds Coliseum at N.C. State University to hear President Barack Obama promote his new jobs bill Wednesday. Alycia McLamb, one of the students participating in our Ag Voices series,  was in the crowd to listen to the President. She sent us the following post about her experience.

Alycia McLamb was part of the crowd at President Obama's visit to N.C. State Unversity Sept. 14. McLamb can be seen in this photo on next to last row. Photo credit: N.C. State University.

Not only did I go to the speech, but I was actually a VIP and got to stand in the rafters right behind the President. It was so cool and as you can tell, I am still pretty excited about it.

No matter what anyone’s political views and opinions are, it was such an honor to attend as an N.C. State student.  I have a lot of school pride, and it made me really proud to be a part of the Wolfpack. It isn’t everyday that the President addresses the student body and Raleigh. I enjoyed listening to the speech and seeing such positive reactions from the crowd in attendance. I understand the bill and what its purpose is, but I do think that with North Carolina’s number one industry being agriculture that the President could have mentioned agriculture business at least once. I do think it was appropriate that he focused on college students graduating in hopes to find jobs because the majority of the crowd were college-aged adults.

The experience was great because I highly doubt I will ever stand directly behind a President ever again during a speech. I’m proud to be an N.C. State student!

– Alycia McLamb