State Farmers Market: 20 years on Agriculture Street

by | Jun 8, 2011

Shelly Johnson was a child when she made her first trip to the State Farmers Market with her father, who sold produce at the market’s original location off Capital Boulevard. In 1991, the market moved to its current location on Agriculture Street. The younger Johnson remembered playing hide-and-seek and other games at the new market. Now, she has children of her own, and during the summer they come with her to the farmers market to sell produce and learn about the family business.

The State Farmers Market passed a milestone May 22, celebrating 20 years of operation at its current location. We visited the market to speak with Johnson and five other vendors who have been there since 1991: Beth Moore’s Produce, Debra Lee’s Produce, J&C Greenhouses, Cole’s Produce Patch and Joyce’s Produce.

The video below includes their memories of the old market, the changes they’ve seen over the last two decades and why they think people are interested in buying local food now more than ever.


The State Farmers Market hosts several special events during the year, including Blueberry Day June 16 and Crawfish Day June 25. You can find a complete calendar of events, directions and other information about the market at its website.

What are your memories from the State Farmers Market?