In the Kitchen with Brian and Lisa: Cheeseburger pie

by | Apr 7, 2011

WRAL reporter Brian Shrader and our own Lisa Prince feature seasonal recipes in their Got to Be Good Cookin’ segment using ingredients grown and available right here in North Carolina.

Brian and Lisa have an answer for the age-old question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The answer is chicken, at least when it comes to delicious recipes from North Carolina. After finishing a month of chicken recipes in March, the two begin a new month filled with egg-inspired recipes. This one for cheeseburger pie calls for beef, onions and cheese topped with an egg-based batter. The dish can be customized easily to satisfy the tastes of your family. Lisa recommends adding tomatoes or green peppers.

You can find locally grown ingredients for this recipe and others at a farmers market near you. The department operates markets in Asheville, Charlotte, Colfax, Raleigh and Lumberton. There are hundreds of other local farmers markets and roadside stands across the state. To find a location near you, go to