Animal health technicians help protect state’s livestock industry

by | Oct 18, 2010

Fair season is a busy time of year for the department’s Veterinary Division. Veterinarians and the animal health technicians who work with livestock stay busy checking animals into fairs to ensure they are healthy.

All animals competing or being displayed at fairs must be checked before entering the show ring or exhibition halls.  As animals are checked in, AHTs look them over for signs of sickness or other diseases that could be easily spread.

Year-round, the AHTs also check the health of livestock at sales across the state, with the overall goal of protecting the health of the state’s multi-billion dollar  livestock industry.

Wendy Lane is one of 10 livestock animal health technicians in the state, and was the first female AHT hired 20 years ago. More female veterinarians and AHTs have worked with the Veterinary Division in the time following, but Lane broke new ground when she was hired.

Traditions aside, Lane won over livestock producers through her knowledge and work. Lane holds Bachelor of Science degrees in animal science and poultry science from N.C. State University.

If an animal checks out OK, they are good to go. Any animal showing signs of sickness will get a closer look from a veterinarian on site.

Hear more about the work of the animal health technicians from Wendy Lane in the video below.