Photos from the Field: Andy Griffith

by | Sep 27, 2010


Former Ag Commissioner Jim Graham and Andy Griffith discuss Andy Griffith Whole Hog Sausage in the 1960s.

This past weekend, the town of Mount Airy hosted Mayberry Days, its annual celebration of “The Andy Griffith Show.” Mount Airy was the inspiration for the town of Mayberry, and is also the home of the Andy Griffith Museum. That’s where we went to find out more about this unique photo from our collection. We spoke with Emmett Forrest, longtime friend of Andy Griffith and owner of the collection at the museum. According to Forrest, Andy Griffith lent his name to several products in the 1960s, including a line of pork products called Andy Griffith Whole Hog Sausage. The museum currently has a wrapper similar to the one above on display.