Senate wins annual milk-chugging contest

by | Jun 30, 2010

Team members for the Senate Speedy Super Sippers: From left to right, Sen. Andrew Brock, Sen. Joe Sam Queen and Sen. Bob Atwater

It took about a minute for the Senate Speedy Super Sippers to continue their winning streak against the House All-Stars in the annual legislative milk-chugging contest. The event, held at the Legislative Building, occurs each year to raise awareness about North Carolina’s dairy industy. See below for video from today’s competition: 


North Carolina has 290 dairy farms with 45,000 milk cows that produced about 107 million gallons of milk in 2008. The state leads the Southeast for most milk production per cow; a total value of more than $191 million. In addition, the N.C. dairy industry produces 15.9 million gallons of ice cream annually.