Field Trip: Tagging along on a boarding kennel inspection

by | Jun 29, 2010

Earlier this spring, we had the opportunity to take a Field Trip to find out what an animal welfare inspector looks for when inspecting a boarding kennel.

In the video, animal welfare inspector Joe Blomquist takes us on a tour and gives an overview of what inspectors look for at facilities under NCDA&CS jurisdiction. Animal welfare inspectors must visit public and private shelters, boarding kennels and pet shops at least once a year. Inspectors will return to facilities if a complaint is filed or if they feel a follow-up visit may be necessary. If a facility is disapproved, an inspector will give the owner notice of how much time they have to fix a violation. If the violation is not fixed before the inspector returns, the facility can be subject to civil penalties and possible closure.


The interview touches on only a few of the most important things inspectors look for. The top priority is sanitation and disease control. Illness among animals can spread quickly in these facilities, making proper maintenance and sanitation paramount to keeping animals healthy. Inspectors check a variety of factors to ensure sanitation and disease control. Proper care and record keeping are also important issues.

Under the N.C. Animal Welfare Act, no wood can be used in animal enclosures. Wood can harbor bacteria and cannot be completely sanitized. Indoors, ambient temperatures must be kept between 50 and 85 degrees to ensure an animal’s comfort. If animals are kept outdoors, they must be provided shade and shelter, and the ground covering must be able to be sanitized.  Public and private shelters must also adhere to strict standards of care regarding euthanasia procedures and transporting animals.

You can can check out facility inspection reports online, including the final inspection report that Joe completed during this interview. Reports are listed by county. If you have a complaint about a facility in your area, contact the NCDA&CS Veterinary Division’s Animal Welfare Section.

Special thanks to Suite Paws Pet Resort for allowing us to video an inspection of its facility.