Photos from the Field: Soil Lab move

by | May 24, 2010

Moving into the Agronomic Soil Testing Lab on April 11, 1974.

Moving into the Agronomic Soil Testing Lab on April 11, 1974. This location, on Blue Ridge Road, now houses the NCDA&CS Pesticide Division.

The Agronomic Soil Testing Lab has occupied three locations in its history: downtown Raleigh in the Agriculture building on West Edenton Street, in the building now currently occupied by our Pesticides Division on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh and in its current location in the Donald W. Eaddy Building on Reedy Creek Road.

The lab performs a variety of services for North Carolinians, including:

  • Detailed chemical soil analyses, such as levels of major plant nutrients, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium & sulfur; levels of plant micronutrients, including copper, manganese & zinc; levels of sodium; pH and acidity; soil class; and more.
  • Site-specific fertilizer and lime recommendations that can optimize crop yields, improve farm efficiency, reduce cost of production, conserve natural resources and protect the environment by minimizing excessive use of fertilizers, particularly nitrogen.
  • Annual soil test summary data by crop, county, region and state.
  • Crop-specific notes that provide details for implementing soil test recommendations.
  • Leadership in developing soil test methodologies, many of which are now used around the world.